The expected outcomes of the WaMiSAR-HIS project are threfold:

  • baselines for the Stamprier aquifer in terms of water levels, yields, and water quality such as total dissolved ions, major ions, critical minor (Sr, B, Br, I) and trace elements (U,Se, Mo) for the use of water or its environmental functions,
  • a dynamic compartment model of groundwater flow, determining the interaction between the shallow Kalahari aquifer and the confined Auob and Nossob aquifers, between recharge, transmission and discharge zones, and between the National groundwater models in Namibia and Botswana towards a transboundary understanding and management of groundwater resources in the Stampriet Aquifer System,
  • a hydrological toolbox assembling instruments for hydrological assessment of water resources for improved Water Security in the South African region.

These outcomes will be disseminated through a web-based information system.